Carmen Cecilia Caballero Villa is the new president of ProColombia

21 Diciembre 2022
International affairs expert, businesswoman and senior executive, Carmen Caballero is the new president of ProColombia, the government agency in charge of the international promotion of exports, tourism, attraction of foreign investment and the country brand in Colombia

For seven years, she was a Colombian diplomat in Spain. As General Consul in Seville, she managed to strengthen commercial and cultural relations with the Spanish market, leading different bilateral alliances in culture, migration and tourism; she worked on the International Treaty of the Agreement to Avoid Double Taxation and Prevent Tax Evasion with the Kingdom of Spain; and in activities to identify market opportunities and internationalization of companies. It is also worth mentioning her participation in Shareholders' Meetings and as secretary and president of the Consular Corps of Seville Spain.

As a businesswoman, she created and managed for seven years the five-star hotel Casa Imperial, located in the Historic Center of Seville; she was manager of the Projects and Interior Design department of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, where she led the restoration and conservation of luxury tourist establishments.

She was also an advisor to the Mayor's Office of Santa Marta, where she was part of the Economic, Social and Public Works Development Plan 2012-2015 'Santa Marta Equity for All - children first'; and the development of the 'Investment Promotion Agency for Santa Marta and the Region 2012'.

Born in Santa Marta, Carmen Caballero is a dentist from the Metropolitan University of Barranquilla and received in 2010 the Grand Cross of Bastidas, an award for people who have excelled in their economic and social work in favor of the department of Magdalena.

Caballero Villa assumes the presidency of ProColombia with the task of contributing, from the promotion of the country abroad, the growth of the popular economy, the reduction of inequality, the construction of total peace and the positioning of Colombia as a world power of life.

With the leadership of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism, in non-mining energy exports she will strengthen the support of Colombian entrepreneurs in their internationalization processes, with greater emphasis on MSMEs in rural areas or municipalities with less than 200,000 inhabitants, commercial management and preparation of companies to make the most out of foreign trade.

She will also seek more foreign investment for social equity, the strengthening of human capital and sustainable development, to consolidate Colombia as a center for sustainable business in Latin America.

And in foreign tourism, her objective will be to advance in a promotional strategy focused on attracting more high-spending and environmentally conscious travelers, positioning the attributes of culture, peace and life of Colombian destinations, where the active participation of the local communities will be fundamental for the creation of sustainable and meaningful travel experiences.