Colombia Overall Ranking In The Offshore Confidence INDEX 2021

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01 de Marzo de 2022
According to the Offshore Confidence Index of 2021, Colombia is considered as one of the most important destinations for the development of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) operations in the world. The country ranked first overall, ahead of countries such as India and South Africa. Main strengths highlighted for Colombia are governmental support and strong cohesion in the BPO sector; the country's infrastructure, scalability of talent, reliability of the public sector, recruitment and staffing, and economic stability are also highly rated in the index.

*This report assesses the extent to which outsourcing operators in 12 offshore and nearshore locations view the national operating environment from which they deliver services to end-users in key sourcing markets. The countries studied in this report include Bulgaria, Colombia, Egypt, El Salvador, Honduras, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, the Philippines, Poland and South Africa. Each location was assessed by across 11 different aspects that impact the delivery of third-party services, including political stability, economic stability, human resource availability, government support for the BPO sector, infrastructure quality, commercial real estate, public safety, public sector transparency, BPO sector cohesiveness, language / education quality and scalability.