Colombia bets heavily on infrastructure

29 May 2018
Last Friday, Colombia became the 37th OECD member and the third in Latin America alongside Mexico and Chile. Corporate investors, funds and investment banks have plenty of opportunities to develop social infrastructure, urban development and transportation projects.

London, May 28th.Colombia has the biggest infrastructure program in Latin America. That's why on May 22nd, ProColombia together with the British & Colombian Chamber of Commerce, the Colombian Embassy in London, the British Embassy in Bogota, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and its Prosperity Fund, the Department for International Trade and EY, presented fifteen major infrastructure development projects, which are in the planning and structuring phase and seek European foreign investment.

These are important projects, such as line 1 of the Bogota subway or the start-up of the tram that connects the capital with the municipalities of Cundinamarca and a new airport that would become Dorado II, among other major Social Infrastructure PPP processes, such as schools and hospitals. “Colombia is transforming itself with the modernization of its infrastructure. At the FDN, as a development bank specialized in infrastructure financing and structuring, we have been in charge of catalyzing resources for the financing of the largest road program by APPs in LATAM, and structuring other projects such as the Bogotá subway, which has attracted the interest of international funders and important global construction companies.", says Carlos Alberto Sandoval, Vice President of Structuring of the FDN.

With regards to transportation, "The National Infrastructure Agency (ANI) is demonstrating that the toll road 4G program, under the PPP scheme, was successful and is being rolled out with great results. 21 road projects have started construction, 16 airports were modernized and more than $ 2.4bn were invested in Colombian Ports. The challenge is to continue this transformation through new transportation mode and the 17 projects that the ANI is structuring, between rail, roads, and airports. "Says Camilo Jaramillo, Vice-president of the ANI. Colombia also seeks experience and investment to return the navigability to the Magdalena River.

Key projects were also presented for the development of secondary and tertiary cities, road, sanitary and wastewater facilities in cities such as Santa Marta, Valledupar, Manizales and Ibagué. 

The institutions invited to present Colombia´s project pipeline during the roadshow  are major national authorities for the structuring of PPP projects.  Together with them, we are committed to strengthening the relation with international players for securing a long-lasting investment environment for Infrastructure in Colombia.", says Paola García, Vice President of ProColombia.