The American Company Salesforce Keeps Expanding its horizons in Colombia

16 June 2022
Salesforce has highlighted its commitment to education, the environment, and the digital transformation of Colombian companies, with a better understanding and interaction with customers.

Salesforce, the world leading company in CRM, along with the Embassy of the United States in Colombia and ProColombia, held a gathering a few weeks ago, aimed at executives of the main companies of the country, civil society and representatives of the public sector at a local, municipal and state level.

The event was organized with the purpose of socializing the main actions that the company has done in the last years supporting clients from all sizes and industries in their digital transformation process, as well as its collaborative leadership in environment and training in digital abilities affairs.  

Salesforce spoke about how the companies, especially after the pandemic, have been capable of responding to the market’s main challenges by reinforcing their sales, marketing and customer service digital systems with an efficient CRM and cutting-edge technology, and thus responding to the costumer’s needs. The main values of Salesforce are trust, customer’s success, innovation, equality and sustainability, being those the ground of the relationships the company holds with its clients, partners and users. Based in the growing demand of the companies in Colombia to manage their relationships with customers, Salesforce strengthened its commitment within the Colombian territory by significantly increasing its presence in different regions under the leadership of Juanita Pardo, the company’s Country Manager, reinforcing these fundamental values. 

“We must play an active role to help companies focus on the customer. Our fundamental values guide our decisions and allow us to strengthen the relationships with our local clients such as Grupo Familia, Estilo Ingeniería and Sura, among others, and commit with initiatives, along with the government, that intend to improve their technological strategies at a corporate level”, Pardo mentioned. “By approaching their clients, knowing them and interacting with them in a better way, organizations achieve a higher productivity, better results and are perceived as more reliable”, the executive concludes. 

In addition, Salesforce also keeps a strong commitment with the communities most in need, that’s why its initiative Pledge 1 stands out, which seeks to give back to society 1% of its time, 1% of what it produces and 1% of its capital.  

In this way, last February, Salesforce joined TECHO, the Latin American non-profit organization that seeks to build permanent and transitory housing for those who need it most. As part of this alliance, activities were carried out in the cities of Cúcuta and Bogotá, where several executives from the company joined more than 300 volunteers to participate, along with RITA, the International Network of Transformation and Support, in the construction of six houses in the María Teresa community and a community center for the inhabitants of the area. Simultaneously, a vaccination day, welfare activities and the planting of more than 100 cocoa trees were carried out.

At the same time, with philanthropy as part of its DNA, one of the stand-out commitments by Salesforce regarding environmental sustainability is to restore one million hectares of high Andean ecosystems in six Latin America countries, including Colombia, in the next 25 years through the initiative and the organizations Global Forest Generation and Acción Andina.   

On the other hand, the company seeks to expand the training through Salesforce’s free learning platform: Trailhead, which provides tools through the acquisition of skills that allow users to develop technological abilities and soft skills that will help them to add technology to activities such as sales, customer service, marketing, e-mail, data analysis and much more.  

Up to date, more than 12,391 users have done the Trailhead program in Colombia, and in Latin America more than 1.3 million have earned distinctions thanks to the active participation of the different training courses it offers. “At Salesforce we seek to strengthen training in ICT abilities and thus reducing the gap in trained talent in Latin America, making all our tools available for those who which to acquire them”, said Teresa Verthein, Chief of Government Affairs for Mexico, Colombia, and Central America in Salesforce. “Training is key not only to support the companies in their digital transformation, but also to turn the cities more intelligent every time, with citizen services that are more accessible and closer, for instance”, she adds.   

A direct effect of the training and technology impact is in the creation of job opportunities. According to the IDC Salesforce Economy report, it’s estimated that the Salesforce ecosystem will generate more than 163.000 jobs and more than $11 billion dollars in new business income in Colombia by 2026.  

“At ProColombia, we support investments and activities that bring to the country new and better opportunities. We are happy to be able to work closely with companies like Salesforce in its different actions within our territory, which will benefit millions of Colombians and contribute to the digital transformation, the economic recovery, and the growth of Colombia”, said Flavia Santoro from ProColombia.