On the law-and-order situation in some cities of the country

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June 04, 2021
Last update: July 23
  • · Thanks to the joint work between the Public Force, the National Government and local authorities, it was possible to unblock all the main roads to guarantee the supply and free mobility of citizens.
  • · In setting up the regular sessions of the Congress of the Republic for the 2021-2022 legislative period, President Iván Duque Márquez reiterated that the right to peaceful protest is protected, respected and guaranteed, but he was also emphatic in stating that violence must be rejected "wherever it comes from."
  • · “As a society, we must understand that the right to peaceful protest is protected, respected and guaranteed. But there is no right to interrupt the life chances of others. There is no right to prevent a person from coming to work, from accessing health services or from being deprived of having food on their table; this obstruction is a crime, without ambivalence or moral licenses”, the head of state said from the Elliptical Hall of the National Capitol in Bogota.
  • · In this regard, the president reiterated his vehement rejection of the roadblocks. “Blockades are not roadblocks; the blocks are life cuts; they do not assert any rights, they only assert the ambition of agitators who want to benefit from chaos," adding that "allowing the rights of all to be violated is anarchy, and in a country of anarchy, chaos and hatred only violence and pain thrive. There is no hope there; it does not solve the problems for which many protest”.