24 May 2021
Last update: June 2
  • The presence of the Police will continue to provide support in the security of Cali for its recovery and the dismantling of the blockade points.

  • Every day, the Police and the Army go through the city, lifting blockades and "we are in the process of prosecuting the extortionists," said Minister Molano.

  • On the other hand, in Cali the launch of the “Anti-Blockade Group” was announced with the participation of the Police and the Military Forces. This is a new strategy to intervene at points where there are people possibly dedicated to extorting those who travel on the roads.

  • With 750 policemen and women and more than 1,600 men from the Army, 10 special control devices are carried out in the capital of Valle del Cauca, to prevent the commission of crimes and the alteration of public order.

  • Through military assistance and with the security provided by the Public Force, the entrance of the caravans with food, fuel and necessities goods has been allowed in the region.

  • The troops continue to exercise presence and security in more than 30 points of regional strategic assets, the public force impetus is maintained with our 1,600 men assigned to military assistance, 4,200 men guaranteeing the productive chain and another 925 marines, supporting the National Navy in security work in Buenaventura, along with tons of food and essential supplies that have been transported in Air Force aircraft to this port terminal”.