Foreign direct investment to Colombia increased from US$ 7,6 billion in 2021 to US$ 17 billion in 2022

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April 12, 2023
The United States and Spain led capital flows to the country. Foreign direct investment (FDI) to Colombia grew up to 81.7% in 2022, going from US$7,6 billion to US$17 billion, according to the Central Bank of Colombia. This figure resulted from capital contributions made by non-resident investors in the country, who continue to bet on several critical sectors of the economy.

Financial and business services, transportation and communications, manufacturing, commerce and hotels, and electricity, among others, were the largest recipients of foreign investment.

"Foreign investment will be a determining factor in favor of Colombia's reindustrialization, as well as in the development of projects such as fair energy transition, sustainable tourism, and agri-food security because it is a driving force in the creation of new jobs, technology transfer and contributes to a better quality of life in the country's regions," said Carmen Caballero, president of ProColombia.

The Central Bank also confirmed that 45.6% of the total income received this way was due to capital participation, 38.4% to reinvestment of profits, and 16.0% to debts between companies with direct investment relations.

Another data the Issuer reveals is that Colombia registered foreign credits for US$13 billion, that is, US$3,5 billion more than last year. On the private sector side, US$9,3 billion in debt was acquired, mainly by banking and non-banking financial services companies. The public sector reported loans of US$3.7 billion.

As part of ProColombia's contribution to attracting foreign investment, the agency facilitated the arrival of 201 new projects, whose start-up and development are estimated to take place over the next three years and could generate more than 84,900 jobs, according to foreign investors.