Colombian Government legal measures during COVID-19 for the Colombian Agribusiness Industry.

Also the Decree 457 ordered preventive isolation from 0:00 a.m. on Wednesday, March 25th until, the recently extended date, April 26. This Decree limits the free movement of people and vehicles, and suspends domestic air transport. It also brings a list of 34 activities exceptions that can be carried out and indicates that cargo transport, storage and logistics for import and export cargo must be guaranteed.


One of the most important decisions was the declaration of the Economic, Social and Ecological Emergency through the Decree 417 of 2020, which allows the government to issue decrees with the force of a law.

Colombia Agro Produce, special credit line launched for the sector

Through the External Regulatory Circular P-09 of Colombia Agro Produce Special Line of Credit for prioritized sectors – LEC, some of the products that can bennefit from this credit are: hass avocado, blueberries, rice, poultry, banana, commercial forest plantations, cocoa, medicinal cannabis, tahiti lemon, flower, mango, palm oil, pineapple, aquaculture, bovine among others. In this way, small, medium and large producers; associative or integration schemes, belonging to this economic group could be beneficiaries to this credit line.

The National Government will leverage credits for more than USD380 million in the rural sector.

Colombia shows in Seafood the best of its tilapia and trout

Madrid, May 6, 2019. Tilapia and Colombian trout are increasingly expanding to more markets. In fact, in 2018 Colombia positioned as the first supplier of fresh tilapia in the United States and rebounded in markets such as Peru and Canada. In addition, that year tilapia exports entered Iceland for the first time.

Currently, growth plans focus on new markets with demand for those products such as Europe, and also some Asian and Latin American countries, including Japan, South Korea, Aruba, Chile, Honduras, Panama and Curacao.

ProColombia will accompany a delegation of five companies to Brussels from May 7 to 9 to participate in one of the largest fairs in the world of the aquaculture sector, which last year received nearly 30,000 professional visitors.
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Colombia Arrives at SIAL with a Wide Offer of Coffee, Fruits, Panela and Bakery

Colombia arrives at SIAL 2018, the world's largest food innovation exhibition, with a promotional campaign called Colombian food, as exciting as its origin that explains the origin, diversity and top quality of the food the country exports to the world and, above all, showcasing the farmers and entrepreneurs behind its flagship products.

The South American country is heavy investing in the development of agriculture and the food industry. It has a new international campaign called ‘Colombian food, as exciting as its origin’. ProColombia lead a delegation of 12 companies with products such as bananas, pineapple, avocado, organic pulverized panela or toppings.

Enterprise from Putumayo wins the Business for Peace 2018 award

Edgar Montenegro created Corpocampo in 2003 with a specific purpose: Farmers in Putumayo should earn an income detached from the coca growing. "Alternatives were sought because this department had the biggest concentration of coke plantations. We began a viability research to build a production plant and, with the support of United Nations, the project was born", assured the businessman.

Corpocampo, palmettos and acai exporter, will be recognized in May 16th of 2018 by the Norwegian Business for Peace Foundation for its contribution to the economic and social value in vulnerable communities while building peace.