This November 20th marks the beginning of the Colombia Investment Summit 2023

Between November 20 and 28, a new edition of the Colombia Investment Summit, the country's premier foreign investment summit, organized by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism through ProColombia, will take place. The event will host over 700 attendees, including international investors, Colombian entrepreneurs, and supporting entities.

In the eighth edition of the investor summit, 12 regions will present their sectorial offerings with potential for the development of new foreign investment projects.

Colombia Investment Summit 2023 arrives to position regions as destinations for foreign investment

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The Colombia Investment Summit, the country's premier investment summit, returns in its eighth edition this year with a focus on highlighting the investment potential of the country's territories.

In its eighth edition, the investor summit will showcase the sectoral offerings with the potential for the development of new foreign investment projects.

Foreign direct investment to Colombia increased from US$ 7,6 billion in 2021 to US$ 17 billion in 2022

Financial and business services, transportation and communications, manufacturing, commerce and hotels, and electricity, among others, were the largest recipients of foreign investment.

The United States and Spain led capital flows to the country. Foreign direct investment (FDI) to Colombia grew up to 81.7% in 2022, going from US$7,6 billion to US$17 billion, according to the Central Bank of Colombia. This figure resulted from capital contributions made by non-resident investors in the country, who continue to bet on several critical sectors of the economy.

United States: A Key Investment Ally for Colombia and Valle del Cauca

The United States has garnered a reputation as the largest foreign investor in Colombia and Valle del Cauca. The history of this region has largely been linked to the presence of multinational companies that have helped develop more efficient production lines and diversify its corporate fabric. These companies have contributed to the development and prosperity of the region.

Since 1940, Valle del Cauca, a region located in Southwestern Colombia, has been a destination for investment from the United States. We are now on the 200th anniversary of the bilateral relations between Colombia and the United States, as well as the 10th anniversary of the Free Commerce Treaty (FCT). Both have driven commercial activity in both countries.

Colombia’s opportunities for investments in infrastructure

After the economic turmoil suffered by the Covid-19 pandemic, Colombia is already passing from reactivation to growth. The country not only has recovered from most of the damages caused by the pandemic, but it’s also already thinking towards the challenges that the world is currently facing. This is being done in many areas that are critical to the country’s economy: exports are growing, tourism to the country is hitting high notes and investment opportunities are opening.