Colombia’s plastic sector reinvents itself

The arrival of COVID-19 has provided the sector with a great opportunity to supply the growing demand for essential products such as face masks, surgical masks, and gloves, as well as the rise in plastic containers and packaging, which facilitate the disinfection of products and boost consumer confidence.


Colombia’s plastic sector is one of the most dynamic manufacturing sectors in the country. This is due to the broad market it accesses, including an array of products such as plastic resins, containers, and packaging.

Manufacture sector in the Colombian economic recovery after COVID-19 outbreak

According to Fitch Solutions Country Risk & Industry Research, the impact of COVID-19 outbreak on construction materials sector in Colombia will have a moderate exposure to risk, providing opportunities for investment in the country. The main reasons for this classification are the suspension in the execution of some constructions given social distancing measures and high proportion of fixed costs faced by construction companies, which could cause profitability to deteriorate if there is a reduction in the use of their production capacity.

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