Colombia sets its sights on MICE tourism with a social purpose

Dance lessons where the profit goes to educating youth in Chocó, Colombia, event snacksthat contribute to feeding children, or handicraft sales that provide the livelihoods of local communities—these are some examples of projects that can support the meetings industry while simultaneously promoting regional development.

This Latin American country is decidedly becoming an attractive destination for the meetings industry and is leveraging its historical juncture to invite worldwide entrepreneurs to leave their mark and become part of its process of transformation.

Events with environmental sustainability that leave a legacy

This South American country features 27 convention centers and 455 hotels with custom-designed spaces for events. It’s an attractive meetings tourism destination due to the best practices acquired to become more environmentally sustainable.  

Colombia is increasingly becoming an attractive destination for the meetings industry, not just due to its infrastructure and the added value of its cities, but also because of its commitment to the environment and local communities.