Inaugurating the Colombia Investment Summit: Gateway to Sustainable and Impact Growth

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December 14, 2023
The 8th edition of the event, organized by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Tourism with ProColombia, is underway from November 20th to 28th. This unique foreign investment event convenes over 700 participants, including 70 delegates from the United States, Colombian entrepreneurs, and strategic allied organizations.

This year, the focus spotlights the Colombian territories like the Coffee region, the Caribbean, and the Pacific, showcasing strategic sectors for economic, environmental, and social sustainability, such as agribusiness, energy, tourism, technology-based services, shipbuilding, aeronautics, life sciences, hydrogen, infrastructure, and sustainable mobility.

Carmen Caballero, President of ProColombia, emphasized: “Colombia’s global investment recognition is evident. Recently winning the Sustainable Investments Promotion category at the Go Global Awards by the International Trade Council underscores our appeal. We invite investors to explore opportunities or expand their operations in our country".