Daily report - Preventive measures by the colombian goverment to help contain covid - 19

29 July 2020
At ProColombia we want to express our solidarity with all the countries that are facing the challenges of COVID-19. Date: July 30
  • · The vaccination program reached 26.1 million Colombians vaccinated, thus fulfilling the goal of closing July with 25 million immunized.
  • · Colombia this week received a new batch of 443,430 doses of vaccines against covid-19 from Pfizer laboratories.
  • · The Deputy Minister of Public Health and Service Delivery, Luis Alexander Moscoso, explained that the vaccines will be used for the application of second doses of those who received the first immunization with this laboratory.
  • · Moscoso noted that with this batch of vaccines against covid-19, the country has received a total of 35,814,754 doses from all laboratories, including 2.1 million purchased by the private sector and 6 million in donations from the U.S. Government.


  • https://prensa.procolombia.co/sites/default/files/reporte_covid-20_procolombia_20.05.2020_english__0.pdf