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September 21, 2023
With the occasion of the UN General Assembly and Climate Change Week, plus with a full delegation of Colombian and international officials wandering around New York, the South American country is proud to prove why it is The Country of Beauty.

During these busy days and up until September 24th, all day long, locals and travelers will be captivated by the colors and contrasts of the most biodiverse country per square kilometer in the world as they enter Times Square right on 50th and Broadway.

When seeking a way to unveil the uniqueness of the Colombian territory, the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Tourism, came to the conclusion that beauty, a concept used to describe Colombia’s main attributes such as its biodiversity, natural landscapes, cultural and gastronomic wealth, and its dazzling people, symbolizes perfectly why Colombia is one of the world’s most alluring places. That’s when this new slogan The Country of Beauty, was born.

Carmen Caballero, president of ProColombia, the promotion agency of the country, stated that “Colombia is in permanent evolution and international visitors have made us a trending destination. We have been recognized as a must-go-to place by media across the globe, and are honored to have received, among others, 14 recognitions at the World Travel Awards, including Leading Green Destination in South America”.

Colombia is living a historic moment in the tourism industry. 2022 marked a milestone with the arrival of 4.6 million international travelers, and in 2023, the number of visitors has increased by over 30%, the United States being the primary issuer of travelers to the country. By the way: the US is the leading issuer of investment to Colombia and its main trading partner as well.

With a top offer in nature and culture tourism, Colombia has captivated Americans who seek both leisure and business experiences, supported by unparalleled air connectivity, plus the fact of being only three to five hours away from cities such as Miami, Orlando, New York, or Atlanta.

"With this new messaging, we want to share with the world the magic of Colombia and its immense beauty” said the President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro.

And, what better way to get to know #TheCountryOfBeauty, than by experiencing it yourself?