Medellín, a city open to business, technology, and foreign investment

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August 29, 2023
The last few years in Medellín are synonym of progress, economic and social development, and more than anything else, they have meant openness to the world. The city that in previous decades was a symbol of violence and drug trafficking is now well-known in the world as a Software Valley, a vibrant, welcoming metropolis with an unparalleled business environment.

Between 2020 and June 2023, 77 foreign companies have settled in the city reporting a total of 837 million dollars and employing more than 13 thousand people, mostly young people. The technology, manufacturing and trade sectors are the most dynamic; however, others such as infrastructure, agribusiness, life sciences and creative industries have had a boom in the city.

In recent years, the city has carried out social, urban and environmental transformation projects that attract nationals and foreigners to stay in Medellín and prefer it over other cities in the world. Recently, the former women's prison located in the city's renowned Comuna 13 was transformed into an educational citadel with skills for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Thousands of young people today study programs related to robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things, hand in hand with companies such as Huawei, which has developed laboratories in this citadel.

Companies such as MercadoLibre, Rockwell Automation, Gorilla Logyc, Globant, Decathlon, Nexer, among many more, have grown in Medellin thanks to the qualified and bilingual talent, competitive costs, and the warmth of the people, which gives a unique touch of friendliness, closeness and professionalism.

The geographical location is a matter highly valued by many multinationals, since the time zone allows the installed investors to be connected easily with the North American markets, especially in the East Coast, Central America and South America, which facilitates the constant work with clients from the main world markets. Nearly 30% of the companies that arrive are from the United States, followed by Spain, Chile, France and Mexico.

Finally, it is worth noting that today governments from all over the world and in recent years Argentina, Brazil, the United Kingdom and Spain have come to learn about city projects that have enabled urban and social transformation. The mass transportation system articulated with subway lines, buses, metrocables and tramway; health and education systems, Software Valley Centers, Library Parks, among others, are projects that generate security and confidence in the progress of our city.

If you are an investor, journalist or simply interested in learning more about this city, do not hesitate to contact ACI, the Cooperation and Investment Agency of Medellín.