Two Successful Stories of Agri-Business Foreign Investment with Social Impact

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April 12, 2023
Goldenberry Farms

With the mission to bring healthier options to grocers across the globe, Goldenberry Farms™ was born. Today, with operations and distribution spanning several continents, they are proud to deliver premium, ethical, and sustainable produce. They installed their company in Colombia a few years ago, where they grow fruits such as goldenberries, passionfruit, dragonfruit, and sweet mango. In addition to their fields and facilities, they work with a growing network of partners and farmers, developing programs that aim to improve small producers' and workers' quality of life. They provide technical assistance, education, experienced oversight, and quality assurance to satisfy international customers’ palates and requirements.

As a matter of fact, Goldenberry Farms recently has announced the expansion of their sustainable-farming programs, including “Where good things grow™” soil health and carbon initiatives. The program was initially inspired by “Kiss the Ground” a Netflix documentary on soil health hosted by Woody Harrelson, which focuses on soil rehabilitation as a viable solution to averting a climate and food crisis. According to the documentary, says GBF, soil mismanagement is a pending societal and ecological disaster. Fortunately, it’s an issue that can be fixed by simply modernizing age-old commercial farming practices. When dirt is transformed into soil through a regenerative agriculture process, it’s also the solution.

This all started during the COVID pandemic; farmers could not sell 100% of their harvest, and fresh fruit was often discarded. Goldenberry Farms began, then, a program of supporting small, regional farms by purchasing their food for the purposes of local food donations nationally. In this way, there was a benefit to sustaining the local farm community, as well as offering fresh fruit to local families.  As food insecurity continued to affect regional communities in 2022, Goldenberry Farms continued the program but also began to add donations from the companies’ own farms. These donations are coupled with non-perishable items, such as rice and dried beans, to help families with a healthy and balanced meal kit.

Goldenberry Farms has donated more than 37,000 pounds of fresh and freshly dehydrated produce as part of its “Where Good Things Grow” initiative to support farmers and local communities.