Colombia seeks its first battery integration to meet the Regional Transmission System needs

11 August 2020
Colombia is getting ready to publish a call for tender for energy storage projects in the Caribbean region. Despite the difficulties arising from the Covid-19 emergency, the electricity sector is proving to be a silver lining for the economic reactivation of the country through projects to improve the national electricity system.

The Energy and Mining Planning Unit (UPME, as per its Spanish acronym), which is the entity in charge of structuring the tender, affirmed that the goal is to mitigate the shortcomings deriving from the lack or insufficiency of energy transmission grids in the local grid—more specifically, in the regional transmission system of the Atlantic Department.

The call for tender has already undergone a pre-publication process and the tender will soon open to select an investor and a comptroller for the project’s construction and operation.

The investor with the lowest Expected Annual Income (IAE, as per its Spanish acronym) during the payment period will be selected to carry out the project, in compliance with all technical specifications and requirements. The public call for tender will be published under the integrated project modality—that is, the investor will implement the project at its own expense and risk.

The project awardee has three different alternatives for project construction, but the one with the highest probability of being built is identified below:

  • Battery system with a maximum capacity of 45 MW and a minimum delivery time of one (1) hour, connected to the Silencio 110 kV substation and for the purpose of operating under N-1 contingencies.
  • A 110 kV bay at the Silencio 110 kV substation.
  • Control and communications system to monitor the Battery Energy Storage System (SAEB, as per its Spanish acronym) from the National Dispatch Center (CND, as per its Spanish acronym).
  • All electrical, civil, physical, mechanical, etc. components and adaptations.

The project start-up date is initially set for June 2022.

UPME’s Deputy Director of Electrical Energy will be holding a joint webinar with ProColombia on August 18th for investors interested in the project, in order to explain the details of this call for tender and other upcoming tenders. All interested parties are invited to participate: registration process.