Must-sees in the land of a thousand rhythms

If there is one country in the Americas that reflects Latino joy, color, and diversity, it is Colombia, located at the center of the hemisphere. Its 49 million inhabitants speak Spanish but because of their warmth and resourcefulness, they find a way to communicate even without speaking Mandarin.

In 2017, Colombians welcomed 6.5 million tourists. From January to July this year, 4.6 million tourists traveled there, 32.9% more than during same period in the previous year. This reflects Colombia’s magnetism for international travelers. 

Colombia is the second most biodiverse country in the world. Its visitors can bathe in the waters of the Caribbean Sea, walk through ancient archaeological sites, watch a sunset on the plains by a river of seven colors, or enjoy wildlife experiences in the middle of the jungle.

Colombia and the possibility of investing in original tourism experiences

Located at the gateway to South America, Colombia is flanked by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and has five altitudinal layers that enable crop growth and exotic fruits year-round. Its 49 million inhabitants see tourism as a great opportunity to drive the economy: it is the second most attractive industry for attracting foreign revenue, after oil and its derivatives. It beats coal, coffee, flowers, and bananas, products for which the country is world-renowned.

Last year, 6.5 million travelers visited Colombia. This means that the increase in tourists was four times the world average and nine times the Americas' average.

Colombia, a nature destination full of heritage, arrives at Top Resa 2018

Colombia is becoming an increasingly popular holiday destination.  The country will show its natural and heritage offer at Top Resa, Paris, from September 25 to 28 through a delegation of 7 businessmen led by ProColombia, the organization in charge of promoting exports, international tourism, foreign investment and country brand. The Colombian companies are Aventure, Avianca, Aviatur, Contactos Tours, Natura Travel, Neptuno and Tucaya. The Colombia’s booth, that will have a coffee bar for visitors, will be located at 7.2 pavilion, stand T044.

A delegation of 7 companies led by ProColombia will present the country’s tourism offer focusing on the biodiversity of the territory and the places which have been designated as world and national heritage sites.

Enterprise from Putumayo wins the Business for Peace 2018 award

Edgar Montenegro created Corpocampo in 2003 with a specific purpose: Farmers in Putumayo should earn an income detached from the coca growing. "Alternatives were sought because this department had the biggest concentration of coke plantations. We began a viability research to build a production plant and, with the support of United Nations, the project was born", assured the businessman.

Corpocampo, palmettos and acai exporter, will be recognized in May 16th of 2018 by the Norwegian Business for Peace Foundation for its contribution to the economic and social value in vulnerable communities while building peace.

Cartagena de Indias: Beauty, commodity and romance

The city has 11 kilometres of walled city and an average temperature between 75°F and 90°F.

Cartagena’s history is also very rich. It was founded in 1533 by Pedro de Heredia. 

Being considered as a great value port for commercial purposes, it was coveted by English and French. This, along the need to protect themselves from hardships of other conquerors, are the reasons why Cartagena is dresses with walls that provides the romanticism of this unique city. 

Cartagena de Indias is a city located in the Colombian Caribbean coast. Is the capital of the department of Bolivar and is considered as one of the architectonic jewels of Latin America. In November of 1984, Cartagena was declared as Historical and Cultural Patrimony and Heritage of the World.

Colombia sets its sights on MICE tourism with a social purpose

Dance lessons where the profit goes to educating youth in Chocó, Colombia, event snacksthat contribute to feeding children, or handicraft sales that provide the livelihoods of local communities—these are some examples of projects that can support the meetings industry while simultaneously promoting regional development.

This Latin American country is decidedly becoming an attractive destination for the meetings industry and is leveraging its historical juncture to invite worldwide entrepreneurs to leave their mark and become part of its process of transformation.

Events with environmental sustainability that leave a legacy

This South American country features 27 convention centers and 455 hotels with custom-designed spaces for events. It’s an attractive meetings tourism destination due to the best practices acquired to become more environmentally sustainable.  

Colombia is increasingly becoming an attractive destination for the meetings industry, not just due to its infrastructure and the added value of its cities, but also because of its commitment to the environment and local communities.

Colombia Investment Summit: business and investment opportunities to the world

Colombia Investment Summit
Colombia Investment Summit

To take advantage and enhance the great moment of Colombia for doing business and investments, the second version of the Colombia Investment Summit will take place in Bogotá, from October 29th to 30th of 2018.